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This page shows one of the mills contracted with CPL personnel.

PT Kiani Kertas - East Kalimantan on Borneo, Indonesia

The mill was a greenfield project and includes a town site, airstrip and a port.  The site proper is 3400 ha (8,400 acres, 1.3 sq mi) in size.  Furnish utilized includes Eucalyptus and Tropical Hardwoods and has a design production of 1850 t/d - the largest single line batch plant in the world (ten 325 cu meter, 13,000 cu ft digesters). 

Above:  Digester house in center, bleach plant to the right

Below:  Panoramic view of the control room consoles as seen from above the Shift Coordinator's platform (from inside the observation meeting room). The observation meeting room windows are seen in the bottom photo (located above the Production Coordinator's platform).  This showcase control room included wood paneled walls and a marble floor.

Bottom:  Production Coordinator's platform and the PTKK logo in the marble floor.  Note the observation meeting room above the platform.

 Special thanks to Jack Pettem, Fiberline Manager for permission of the above photos, 1997.

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